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    An Enchanted Forest


This is our dog, Simon, who is part Border Collie and part Australian Shepherd.  Currently, he is 16 years old and my sleeping buddy.  I adopted him from the local Humane Society at the same time I had adopted my beloved, departed Olivia.


This is our Ruby, who we were fortunate enough to adopt from a friend whose father had passed away and desperately needed a new family to care for her.  She came to us shortly after the death of our Olivia.  Simon and Ruby are not as close as Olivia and Simon were but these two, at times, are like a brother and sister who love each other but sometimes are annoyed by one another.  She's a beautiful Australian Shepherd and currently is just 11 years old.

Joy and Joey

These are our oldest ferrets, Joy and Joey, who were adopted from the Ferret Underground Rescue in Tomah, WI.  We got them when Joy was just a year old and Joey 1 1/2 years old.  Both are now about 6 years old and act just as young and spunky as ever.

Pepper and Coconut

These boys are Pepper and Coconut who were also adopted from the Ferret Underground Rescue.  Pepper is Joy's boyfriend and Coconut is my boyfriend (don't tell Vic  Such sweet boys they are!  They are about 6 years old now and enjoy playing with all of the other ferrets that live with us.

Mikey and Max

These two adorable blondes are Max and Mikey.  Again, both adopted from the Ferret Underground Rescue.  Max was just 6 months old and Mikey a year old.  Max is our biggest ferret and is known as the "Muscle" of the group.  Mikey is a younger version of Joey and was known as "Suicide" from his previous owners because he gets into things that almost kill him at


Lastly, this is our little Buddy.  He came to us when his owner was going through chemo and could not take care of him while she was fighting for her life.  Buddy is just a year old and is deaf, though it doesn't really slow him down a bit.  He's probably the most active of them and loves to make our dog, Ruby, chase him around the house.