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    An Enchanted Forest


This is our dog, Zinny, who is part Australian Shepherd and part Lab.  She was adopted in 2023 at the young age of 6 years old.  Zinny is short for Zinfandel.  She loves to snuggle up on the couch with me.



This is our Ruby, who came to Wisconsin after getting impregnated down in Texas.  We adopted her in 2023 at the same time as Zinny since the two were like best friends.  Buffy is a Rat Terrier with lots of energy for playtime.  She was 3 years old when we brought her home.

Mikey and Max

These two adorable blondes are Max and Mikey.  Again, both adopted from the Ferret Underground Rescue.  Max was just 6 months old and Mikey a year old.  Max is our biggest ferret and is known as the "Muscle" of the group.  Mikey is a younger version of Joey and was known as "Suicide" from his previous owners because he gets into things that almost kill him at


Lastly, this is our little Buddy.  He came to us when his owner was going through chemo and could not take care of him while she was fighting for her life.  Buddy is just a year old and is deaf, though it doesn't really slow him down a bit.  He's probably the most active of them and loves to make our dog, Ruby, chase him around the house.