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    An Enchanted Forest


I have several hobbies that I indulge in from time to time, depending upon the season or my mood.  Maybe you will get inspired by one of mine and we can enjoy sharing our interests together.


These are the girls from my Ladies Only dart team, appropriately named "Chicks With Tips".  We enjoy getting together weekly to throw darts at local taverns with mostly male teams but on occasion there are mixed teams as well.  We began shooting darts years ago when a good friend suggested we enter a dart tournament for the Gilbert Brown organization.  My husband was already a good dart player and us girls caught the bug.  My husband and I have a standup dart board in our garage that we gather around with friends and keep our dart skills sharpened.  It's a great game for children as well as adults to sharpen their ability to focus and handle pressure while maintaining fun.  

Rock Painting

I have a creative side that I indulge in painting rocks that later I hide for people visiting my town to find or this year I have begun making a painted rock river that flows through my front flower bed.  I belong to a Facebook group, Baraboo Rocks, where people who hide and/or find the rocks post pictures of them.  Children and adults both enjoy sharing personal experiences with these rocks, as sometimes the words or images on a particular rock bring a special message to the recipient.


I have always been into superhero movies since a child but I am a HUGE fan of the Avengers.  I have each of the movies and watch them frequently as I get inspired by the theme each one holds.  Even when we are down, we can rise again stronger!  Working as a team, we can do anything we put our minds to!  Of course, the men in the movies get some credit as they make watching the movie so much more enjoyable.  

Oracle Cards

From time to time I have questions that I can't answer myself so I look to certain Oracle Card decks for answers.  These are different from tarot cards in that they have the message printed on them, yet I can still use my own psychic ability to interpret the message.  Think of it as if you and a friend are shown a picture.  Each of you interprets it differently.  This is what I would do because I have put my own energy into the cards so that its energy recognizes mine as the recipient of the messages.


I have always enjoyed rocks, picking up ones from our driveway or from the creek bed.  Later in life I learned that certain rocks, more commonly referred to as crystals, contain energies that can aid mentally, spiritually and physically.  

Dream Journal

Years ago I decided to use journaling as my way of asking the Universe for what I wanted.  I refer to it as using a Dream Journal.  It began with writing down what I wanted in a relationship, after divorcing my first husband.  I would write down dos and don'ts and eventually I was led to my current husband, Vic.  Right now I use a Dream Journal to ask for things that I want, such as a trip to see the Redwood Forest or to have a job that I look forward to going to every day.  I write down how I think these things will make my life better and then thank the Universe for it.  If you want to do something like this simply get a journal and start each week with asking for something.  If it is a relationship, ask for the qualities you want and don't want in someone.  I view the Universe as a friend who I ask for help in getting something, so I need to be as specific as possible in order to get the best assistance.